Palmetto Ridgebacks

Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  Should I get a Male or a Female?  

A:  Male vs Female  This is a link that gives a good explanation for male vs. female ridgebacks.

Q: Is there a waiting list?

A: Here is a link for a questionnaire Palmetto Ridgeback Puppy Application  After completion of this questionnaire you will be placed on the list.

Q: When can I pick my puppy?

A: Puppies need to be chosen at 6 weeks of age after the vet check-up.  The order of choosing a puppy will be based on where you are on the waiting list.  When I am expecting puppies I will let you know where you are on the list.  Deposits are due by 2 weeks of age.

Q: How do I hold a puppy?

A: You can hold a puppy with a $200 non-refundable deposit. The remaining amount is due at pick up or prior to shipping.  I will start taking deposits when the puppies are born, and deposits are due by 2 weeks of age to ensure your spot in the pick of the litter.

Q: What is the price for a puppy?


$3,000 - Breed Standard ridge, AKC Full Registration

$2,000 - Breed Standard ridge, AKC Limited Registration

$1,800 - Flawed Ridge, AKC limited registration.

$1,000 - No Ridge, No registration.

Q: What is a breed standard ridge?

A: For details please visit Breed Standard Rhodesian Ridgeback

Q: Why do some puppies not have a ridge?

A: The Ridge with two crowns is breed standard and characteristic of a Rhodesian Ridgeback. However, just because a puppy is born without one does not make him/her less of a hunter, family pet, companion etc. They are not show quality and mine are sold with limited registration meaning the offspring cannot be registered. The lack of a Ridge does not put them at any greater risk of health problems.

Q: Are the dew claws removed?

A: Yes, the dew claws will be removed by my vet.

Q: Will the puppies be vet checked?

A: Yes the puppies are checked by my vet and given their 1st set of shots at 6 weeks of age.

Q: Are the puppies checked for Dermoid Sinus?

A: Yes, I have my vet check them for Dermoid Sinus.  

Q: Do you ship puppies?

A: Yes, I do ship. I prefer buyers to pick up their puppies and encourage people to visit my kennels but I understand that picking up a puppy is not an option for some people. It is up to the buyer to make flight arrangements on dates specified by breeder.  There are certain times of year when weather conditions (ie-too hold or too cold) making shipping by air not possible; in those situations, buyers would be expected to arrange ground transport or come and pick up the puppy in person.

Q: What is the process for shipping a puppy?

A: The closest airport is in Columbia SC. Previously I have use Delta Airlines. The buyer is responsible to make flight arrangements on days specified by the breeder. The buyer is responsible for making payments to the Airline. An additional service charge of $100 will be added to the puppy price to cover the crate and trip to the airport.

Q: How old does a puppy have to be if I want him/her shipped?

A: Larger breeds can ship at 8 weeks of age.

Q: What is the cost for shipping?

A: The actual shipping cost varies depending on airline rates, how much the puppy weighs, and if the puppy has to be categorized as DASH meaning the layover is an hour or less. The average cost is $250 but my past range was $224-$374; however, I have not shipped a puppy by air since 2019 and rates have likely changed. The buyer also is responsible for the Health Certificate ($65) and crate and travel items ($100).

Q: What is the difference between Vet check and Health Certificate?

A: All the puppies will be Vet Checked and given their first set of shots. In order to ship a puppy a health certificate must be provided to the airline and the cost for this certificate is $65.